Summer Teams
Pitchers who learned the basics and more with PitchingMagic had impressive accomplishments.In 2018 at the club eam level they pitched for the Speed, A's, Sting, Cluthc Hitters, Vortex, Moose, Force, Alliance and others. Also PitchingMagic pitchers performed very well at the community level. In the 10U Tri County Qualifier (League Tournament) they pitched their teams to 2nd place at 10U A (that team won tier one state), 1st and 2nd at 10U B (one team took 1st at tier 3 state) and 3rd at 10U C (the team finished 2nd in tier 9 state). There were also outsranding results at the weekend tournaments (for example 1st place at the Ringneck in South Dakota) as well as NAFA Nationals at 10U, 12U and community 14U.