Helping Associations
For the most part the community associations are run by parents. The parents may be enthusiastic and well meaning, but sometimes they do not have the basic skill sets to effectively run a program - planning, organizing, teaching other parents to become coaches and passing softball skills along to the participants. A player moves through the organization and her parents gain knowledge. Then the player finishes her career and the knowledge base of the parents is often lost. With club teams more actively recruiting players from all over, kids are leaving their associations quicker than in the past. Often the parents of the most committed and talented players, the ones most likely to leave, are also the most knowledgeable about the game.

I can help community organizations in a number of consulting roles. My strength is teaching coaches how to coach, how to plan practices, which player skill development is the most effective and so on. I can also provide basic team and individual drills that are both fun and challenging. I have seen many teams that are well coached perform far better than more talented, poorly coached ones. If you want a hint, go watch some high school games. The team that catches and throws the ball better will win a lot of games.

If you want help specifically with pitching instruction, check out the section on helping novice pitching coaches.